Soups and Creams

Fresh Pasta and Dry Wheat Pasta

Fish and Sea-food

Meat and Poultry


Fresh grilled foie-gras of duck with mango and a port wine reduction

Home-made terrine of duck foie-gras, served with Cumberland and port wine sauce

Los Bandidos delights, a selection of five small starters

Snails in garlic and herb butter

Gratinated mussels with spinach and Emmental cheese

Deep-fried scampi fritti with our own tartar sauce and sweet chili sauce

‘Gravlax’, cured salmon with Swedish mustard sauce

‘Skagen’, Norwegian prawns served on avocado with Lojrom (caviar)

Fresh green asparagus gratinated with smoked salmon

Peeled western king prawns ‘pil pil’ with garlic, chili and herbs

Norwegian smoked salmon served with red onion and toast

‘Pata Negra’ our own selection of the finest Gran Reserva hams

Melon with ‘Pata Negra’ ham

Creamed Chantarelle mushrooms on butter-fried toast

Avocado with peeled Norwegian prawns and cocktail sauce

Carpaccio of beef with rocket leaves, Parmesan and fresh truffle


Cherry tomatoes, fresh goat cheese and basil

Caesar salad with Parmesan and crispy garlic finger-bread

Fish and sea-food with shallots, red peppers and our vinaigrette

Foie-Gras with warm green beans and crispy bacon

‘Pata Negra’ fine cured Gran Reserva ham and deep-fried Camembert

Warm chicken livers with mushrooms and sweetcorn

Mixed salad with our vinaigrette dressing or with Roquefort cheese

Soups and Creams

Cream of blue lobster soup with puff pastry cover

Soup of the day

Home-made consomé with crispy Parmesan

Fresh Pasta and Dry Wheat Pasta

Fresh Fettuccini with fresh truffle, a dash of cream and slivers of Parmesan

Fresh green Fettuccini with mushrooms, cream and gratinated with Emmental Cheese

Bavette with king prawns marinated in chili, cream, Parmesan and rocket

Spaghetti with herbs, spicy curry, vegetables and king prawns

Spaghetti ‘pil pil’ with western king prawns, herbs, garlic and chili

Spaghetti with Roquefort sauce and strips of beef

Spaghetti with our aromatic Bolognaise sauce

Fish and Sea-food

Lobster Fricassée flavoured with curry on a bed of Fettuccini and rocket

Supreme of turbot on a bed of potato puree with Kamchatka crab meat and fresh chili

John Dory in traditional French Mustard sauce on a bed of green Fettuccini and trout roe

Sole ‘Los Bandidos’ in white wine sauce, Duchesse potatoes with medallion of lobster and prawns

Recommendation – Fresh Grilled Tuna with Risotto

John Dory ‘Dieppoise’ style with white wine sauce, king prawns, mussels and spinach

Grilled turbot with new potatoes, vegetables, Hollandaise sauce and a garlic lemon sauce

Sole fried in butter

Sole grilled with Hollandaise sauce

Fresh Norwegian salmon grilled with herb Hollandaise sauce, served with new potatoes and vegetables

Fresh salmon tartar and Norwegian smoked Salmon served with toast

Fresh salmon tartar and Norwegian smoked Salmon served with toast

Meat and Poultry

‘Kurts favourite ‘ fillet of beef in black pepper sauce served with gratinated Tagliatelie (speciality)

Fillet of veal stuffed with Bavarian cheese and a medallion of fresh foie-gras

Roast shoulder of baby lamb with crispy garlic and butter beans

Baby lamb chops flavoured with rosemary, Duchesse potatoes with chives and green beans

Baby Lamb Chops with crispy garlic and potatoes

Fillet of beef with five pepper sauce or on the grill with Bearnaise sauce

Chateaubriand with Lyonnaise potatoes and Bearnaise sauce (min. 2 persons)

Fondue Bourguignonne, six sauces (min. 2 persons)

Special steak tartar ‘Los Bandidos’ with toast and french fries

Emincé of beef with Bordelaise sauce, creamed spinach and gratinated potatoes

Entrecote with five pepper sauce or on the grill with Bearnaise sauce

Veal entrecote with fresh creamed Chantarelle mushrooms

Viennese style veal escalope with Lyonnaise potatoes and vegetables or with Spaghetti Napolitana

Escalope of veal in Marsala wine sauce, mushrooms and Duchesse potatoes

Loin of young lamb, grilled and served with mushrooms risotto and fresh vegetables

Medallions of duck breast with five pepper sauce

Medallions of duck breast in blackcurrant sauce with gratinated potatoes

Cover charge per person

– VAT not included –